Automakers have supported the LGBT, paint their logos in rainbow colors

Automakers have decided to support the LGBT community with the help of a flash mob. The American division of Mercedes Benz has painted its logo to rainbow colors. Earlier, Toyota released a photograph in which her car number is presented in the form of the rainbow flag. And Jeep posted a picture of kissing gay couples against the backdrop of his SUV.

it was Also reported that BMW also painted their logo in the colors of the rainbow flag.

“We at BMW are committed to diversity. We believe in an open culture where no one is discriminated against, insulted, or given the privileges on the principle of ethnicity, colour, nationality, sex, religion, disability or age,” said the company in Facebook.

In this backdrop, the Russian owners of cars of this brand in protest began to post ads about selling cars.

Earlier in the so-called month of the pride of the LGBT community was supported by foreign embassies in Moscow. British and American diplomats posted on the buildings of rainbow flags.

the Russian Orthodox community has strongly opposed such manifestations of solidarity. On 28 June, the participants of the public movement “forty times Forty” held a picket in front of the embassies of the US and the UK.

to speak on this occasion in the Russian Orthodox Church. The Deputy head of the Synodal Department of the Russian Orthodox Church on relations of Church with society and the media, Vakhtang Kipshidze, said: “We share the concerns of the Orthodox community that opposed the demonstration of the symbolism associated with sexual minorities, the embassies of the US and the UK.”

He stressed that “every country has the right to inviolability of their values, including those relating to marriage and family”, reports RIA Novosti.

representatives of the LGBT community believe the June month of pride, when sexual minorities share successes in the fight for their rights. On the last Saturday of the month is world pride, when LGBT supporters themed event.