Average check of Russians in may rose to 597 rubles

the Average check of Russians in may rose to 597 rubles in comparison with may of last year — 45 rubles, or 8.1%. Compared with April, the average check fell by 4 rubles (-0,6%), estimated by the research holding “ROMIR”.

Research scan-panel of households Romir Scan Panel receives online purchases 40 000 Russians 15 000 households in 220 cities with a population of 10 thousand people. The panel participants scan QR codes with receipts.

the Reduction in the average ticket compared to the APR observed not in all regions. Recorded growth in the far East (+2,0%) and North West (+1,0%) districts. More than other average check fell in the Urals Federal district (is 3.0%).

compared to may 2019, the fastest growing average check in the North-West (+12.9 per cent), Volga (+11,6%) and Central (+9,6%) districts.

with the increase in an average bill impact of purchases in major cities across the country — in Moscow (+21,4%) and Saint Petersburg (+12,8%). The average growth in the biggest cities was 12.7%.

the Mood of Russian consumers is improved and anxiety levels reduced, follows from the study of BCG and “romira”.

About 35% of Russians increased spending on food in isolation and often order food and another 25% cut, according to a study by the Center for the study of consumer behavior “Roccasecca” together with OMI (Online Market Intelligence).

the Expenses of Russians was in April the biggest monthly expenses for all years of observations. This is due to the fact that in March and April consumer spending grew a record of purchases of commodities, the Russians have built inventories in anticipation of the worst conditions of quarantine and pandemic. And at the end of April — on the eve of may holidays — spending again record increased.