Average price for tickets to Russia decreased by 3.5 times

the Average check when buying tickets in Russia, from 10th to 22nd of June amounted to 3,437 thousand roubles, has calculated the fiscal data operator “the First CRF”, which is part of VTB group. This is 3.5 times lower than before the border closures due to pandemic and limitations of air traffic: in a prosperous February and March, the average bill for the purchase of tickets was $ 11,854 thousand rubles.

the Average bill for the purchase of train tickets in June increased slightly by 3% in comparison with February-March and amounted to 730 rubles.

Now there is a ban on mass passenger transportation in other countries – Russia has opened the borders. And on July 2 the Federal air transport Agency has extended a ban on international flights by August 1.

the Number of purchases of tickets in June compared to the averages of February-March decreased by 17%. Purchases of tickets for trains in June, only 2% below decorating values. But compared to the period of severe restrictions of mobility in the regions — from 30 March to 11 may — June sale of tickets increased more than fourfold, and the number of tickets bought on trains has increased by 2.6 times.

Russia on 27 March 2020 stopped permanent and Charter flights to other countries due to pandemic coronavirus. Air passengers across the country in may fell more than 2 times compared to may of last year — to 1.8 million people, according to Rosaviation. In April, on international flights the passenger traffic has decreased to 30.4 thousand from 2,544 million in March. The number of passengers on domestic flights fell to 1.44 million from 9.1 million.

the Russian airline as a whole in April reduced the transport of passengers to 739,5 thousand 9,365 million people in April 2019, and in comparison with March 2020 — 2 times. From abroad, took out only for the stuck tourists.

the Demand for tickets and their price is steadily rising recently, according to bookings inInternet services for travelers. Airfare round-trip from early may to early June, recovered from 4.3% to 25.1% from last year. Market participants expect the end of the year recovery of demand for air tickets to 50% from last year.

the carriage of passengers on the Railways of Russia in the long-distance trains in June 2020 decreased by 68.2 per cent compared with the same period of the previous year to 3.6 million, according to the Railways. In may of the current year reduction was stronger — 78.9% compared to may last year — up to 2 million people.

But in June, the Demand for travel to long-distance trains has doubled in comparison with may and on the same routes back over 70 long-distance trains of the 102 previously canceled. The demand increased after the lifting of quarantine restrictions in the regions and with the beginning of the summer season journeys. In may resumed selling tickets 90 days before departure. This will help passengers to plan trips in the summer. In late may, the passengers were issued an average of about 100 thousand tickets a day, and today — up to 200 thousand per day.

most of the W/d of tickets (37%) are bought on the train in the direction of the black sea coast and the resorts of the North Caucasus. About 32% of the tickets sold to Moscow, another 31% on trains between the regions.