Babies for sale: Moscow police have found five newborns without parents

In Moscow detained a citizen of China who was in the apartment, where they found five babies. Children from a few days up to six months, who are their parents — is not yet clear. According to the preliminary version, the children from surrogate mothers and were held for sale.

This is the CCTV footage from the street Argunovskaya. From the entrance five children endure the police officers. The oldest of them is six months younger — less than a week. They were all in one apartment.

“the apartment with the children were 2 adult women. Investigators SU IC set of the parents of the children, as well as the circumstances of the incident. The investigation continues,” — said the representative of the SK.

Found the children by chance. Babies constantly crying and the noise heard by neighbors. They called the police. It was found that women who were in the apartment with children, has long caused them suspicion.

“I saw her shopping, came back with some diapers, diaper, baby clothes. Husband offered to help her, as she had many packages,” recalls the neighbor.

Now the Investigative Committee finds out the identity of women were in the apartment. Children were placed in one of Moscow hospitals.

currently, the children visiting the doctors. Police checks on the fact, the results will be a procedural decision.

“Children are in no danger, they are placed in the hospital of Moscow. In General, the guardianship, SC will make the right conclusions, and we all know”, — said the head of Department on protection of the rights and legitimate interests of minors, the Ombudsman for children’s rights in Moscow Olga Yaroslavl.

the Test started and the guardianship. According to one version, children were prepared for sale abroad. The apartment found documents in infants in Chinese. The visitation was literally littered. Everywhere baby stuff, bottles of water and alcohol.

a Criminal case on FAKTU trafficking. The Moscow Prosecutor’s office supervise compliance with the rights and legitimate interests, as well as provide Supervisory support. In the apartment the investigation. Parents of children yet to find it and failed.