Baby amputate due to the fact that the ambulance refused to take him to the hospital

In Chita child of eighteen months to amputate limbs due to the fact that the doctors refused to take him to the hospital. The boy’s parents claim that three calling an ambulance when my son had a fever, and only the third team agreed to be hospitalized.

Child in critical condition was taken to the hospital on 6 January, reports GTRK “Chita”. The baby was discovered meningococcal infection.

“I took him immediately to the intensive care unit, the child was conscious. But then it was connected to the appliance because it was hard for him. I signed the papers and sent me home. I have not had time to leave, they called me and said come back, your child became worse,” – said the boy’s mother Tatiana Kozlinskaya.

the Doctors were able to stabilize the boy’s condition, on January 17 he was transferred to the regional children’s hospital. However, the impact of the infection has been very serious, began necrosis of the extremities. It is not excluded that the child will have to amputate the foot.

the Doctors held a consultation on the treatment of a boy with the specialists of the Moscow research Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology, known as clinic Roshal. If the child’s condition will allow, it will be sent to the capital. The boy’s mother hopes that the treatment in the clinic Roshal will allow to do without amputation.

meanwhile, at the request of the parents of the child regional Prosecutor’s office ordered the health Ministry to check why the child is not hospitalized immediately.

on 15 January it was reported that in one of the hospitals of the Voronezh region from a meningococcal infection died year-old child. The boy was admitted to hospital in a critical condition, the disease had an acute form and developed rapidly. Was carried out resuscitation, but to save the boy failed.