Baby photo of Viktor Tsoy put up for auction

Baby photo rock musician Viktor Tsoi put up for auction in Moscow. Auction will be held on 2 July, the starting price is 8 thousand rubles.

As reported on the website of the auction house “Russian enamel”, is a group photo, which the leader of group “Cinema” was captured together with my classmates – students of grade 1 “In” Leningrad secondary school No. 362.

In this school, Choi spent only one academic year. It is considered that the rocker studied at six schools, including in the evening. The photo, which he captured in the first class, made in 1970.

Viktor Tsoi died in August 1990. According to the official version, he fell asleep at the wheel and his car crashed into a bus. However, over the years, the experts found some inconsistencies in this version.