Bad numbers and a dangerous move: trump threatens Iran by a hurricane of tweets

the Iraqi Parliament took a historic decision — to remove from the country us troops. The resolution States that the U.S. army should leave Iraqi territory as soon as possible. Also the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iraq addressed to the UN security Council a note of protest to the actions of Washington. In Baghdad say they will not allow the Americans to use their country as a springboard for attacks on other States in the Middle East. What these attacks really are prepared, acknowledged personally by Donald trump.

the longer stretches of ominous pause (Tehran has not yet passed from threats to business), the more alarming the soul of Donald trump. Uncertainty about the prospects for spills on the tape, “Twitter” machine-gun a succession of messages. The US President deliberately chose the largest caliber: “the United States spent $ 2 trillion on military hardware. We are the biggest and definitely the best in the world! If Iran were to attack an American base or any American, we will send [against Iran] part of this brand new beautiful weapons and without hesitation!”.

I decided to Aim in all at once. “Let this serve as a warning: if Iran strikes on Americans or American targets, we chose the 52 Iranian targets, symbolizing the 52 hostages held by Iran many years ago. Some of the objects — a very high level and importance for Iran and Iranian culture,” warns trump.

If you leave out the fact that to threaten openly to the cultural heritage is a typical barbarism, digital symbols, chosen by trump, also very poor — refers to the Iranian revolution of 1979 and the hostage taking of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. The operation for their release under the name “Eagle claw” for the Americans ended in complete failure, which even then was called the hammer that hammered the last nail into the lid of the presidency of Carter. The operation to murder Soleimani (this information NYT) also was not well thought-out and clearly nalogary. Explored testified that there were no imminent attacks on U.S. military not prepared for the simple reason that Ayatollah Khamenei did not approve of such plans, asking Soleimani to arrive in Tehran for consultations. And then trump began to operate in manual mode.

“In all the wars since the September 11 attacks, the Pentagon had often proposed to the President of incredible options to others on their background look more acceptable. After trump initially rejected the option of murder Soleimani on December 28, he looked on TV stories about the attack on the American Embassy in Baghdad and was furious. By Thursday evening, President trump chose the extreme option. The higher ranks of the Pentagon was shocked,” writes the NYT.

However, in terms of prospects to this condition the us military is used to. What is called the Big East, it’s in a dangerous move, and talk about the fact that Iran is too close endeared their country to American military bases will not help. On themselves as these databases have accumulated an impressive contingent.

About 3 thousand soldiers of the U.S. army in Saudi Arabia, in Kuwait to 13 thousand, as many in Qatar, 10 thousand in Bahrain and Jordan, plus, of course, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Turkey. But even all this power will cope with Iran are unlikely to afford.

“Iran is a country with a population of 80 million people. It’s too big, too complex geographically, to just go and occupy it with the help of American troops. We have not very well succeeded in Iraq and will be even worse with Iran. And even if so — what happens next? Another ruined state? If they have nuclear weapons? Maybe North Korea will give it to them. Or, perhaps, Russia will come to Iran for help? It is not known how things can get out of control,” — said Wesley Clark, former allied commander of NATO forces in Europe, General in behindke.

to Protect America from such a scenario are now trying in Congress. Trump trying to get ahead in advance, blocking the White house opportunities for potential funding Iranian campaign. Parallel to know how was carried out the strike. Speaker of the lower house Democrat Nancy Pelosi called the killing Soleimani provocation.

trump essentially ignored the law on war powers resolution of 1973. The US President must consult with Congress about the use of armed forces abroad prior to their use.

“no President has the right to send the country to war without the informed consent of the American people. I have no idea what the mind of trump. His tweets hurricane is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible. I don’t know if he coordinated his actions with any of our allies. It is unclear even whether his own generals and national security officials. This man is absolutely rudderless,” — said the candidate in presidents of the United States Joe Biden.

So do those who had participated in anti-war protests across America. Demonstrations were held in more than 80 cities and settlements of the United States. In new York city with posters “No to war with Iran” appeared on times square. In Washington from the “trump hotel” the column of protesters came to the White house. In the first rows 0 – activist and actress Jane Fonda. “Do we again have not learned the lessons of Vietnam? Again we are not trying to understand the local population, we were humiliated, insulted and killed”, she said.

However, much is changing. In Baghdad — the historic vote. For consideration by the Iraqi Parliament passed a resolution that prohibits the presence on the territory of the country of any foreign troops. Parliament has already voted “Yes”, and then 17-year-old stay of Americans in Iraq will officially be the occupation.

Iraqi Shiites from “Kataib Hezbollah”, meanwhile, beforepre-empted those at the meeting will not come or will vote against: after that in Baghdad they had better not appear. The Prime Minister of Iraq, of course, in more diplomatic style encouraged the parliamentarians to uphold the law on the withdrawal of the us military.

In some ways it is probably even coincides with trompowsky strategy. After all, he himself promised to withdraw from Iraq, that’s just murder Soleimani mixed the cards. The Iranians know how to serve revenge cold and come with it can, for example, for the presidential elections, leaving Trump the chance to make a change.