Balashikha residents have become hostages of dispute of management companies

In Balashikha residents of several dozen homes received two receipts on payment of utilities. People have become hostages of the dispute between the two management companies. New appointed after public Prosecutor’s check in relation to the former managers. However, they challenged the decision in court, and now residents do not know whom to pay.

to Raise money for communal residents decided two organizations. First score came from old management company, and a few days later people received receipts from new.

– they say about those that are a Scam. And these are about the same. Don’t pay this Scam all.

In February this year in relation to the company “quantum 7” was a Prosecutor’s check. It turned out, the housing organization repeatedly forged the protocols of General meetings of tenants. In the end, 45 houses, including 15 on the street Tereshkova, transferred to another management company.

“the Prosecutor’s office issued a performance GZHI MO on the exclusion of these houses from the license of OOO “Kvant 7”, — said Vladimir Shelukhin, first Deputy head of the Main Department of the State housing inspection of Moscow region.

From may 1 to the decision of the regional housing inspection houses were ordered to manage the company “Rusevroshina”. She was placed in the mailboxes of the receipt for payment.

“Followed by unknown persons in vests with inscriptions “quantum 7″ was produced hacks mailboxes. Was issued bills with the other accounts. This fraudulent activity,” explains Oleksandr zavhorodniy, Deputy General Director of “Rosewaters”.

In “Quantum” claim that everything is legal. The decision zhilinspektsii they contested. A writ of execution issued by the arbitration court on may 21.

“Our receipts are the only legitimate, as it is confirmed by a court decision”, — says Pavel Kulikov, the General Director of “Kvant 7”.

While in the “Rusevroshina” prepare a counterclaim, the residents of the 15th house decided to look to new management companyI. the Work of “Quantum 7” many were unhappy. The roof of the house flows for 10 years, say residents, the walls cracked, the yards abandoned.

– They do not do what is written in the payment. Do nothing.

“Rusevroshina” in fact itself is not shown, but to pay for communal in zhilinspektsii people have recommended it to them. A was confused and decided not to pay anyone.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”