Banks began a thicket to refuse to Russians the credits

Loan of distrust: banks are more likely to refuse the Russians in the credits. In 2019, more than 60 percent of Russians are unable to obtain a loan. What forecasts are provided by analysts for the current year and the reasons for the low rate of approved applications?

the credibility of Russian banks to their customers, seems to be exhausted. They were more likely to refuse to citizens in the issuance of new loans. In 2019 was approved by less than 37 percent of the total filings, according to the National Bureau of credit histories. This is the lowest figure for the last 2 years. For comparison, in 2018, it was 41 percent. The trend is confirmed by other credit history bureaus.

the highest level of approval from the mortgage. In 2019, banks granted more than 65 percent of cases. Less willing were issued a loan — level fell to 43.5 percent. Unsecured loans and credit cards were issued about 34 percent of cases. According to experts, banks have to be careful in the first place because of the actions of the Central Bank to combat the debt load of the population. Now the regulator requires financial institutions to calculate the so-called indicator of debt burden of the borrowers.

Banks themselves have become more selective in granting loans. Experts attribute this to the deterioration of the payment behavior of borrowers. One of the indicators confirming this is the increase in the number of bankruptcies citizens and individual entrepreneurs. In 2019 almost 69 thousand Russians were declared bankrupt. This is 57 percent more than in 2018. Thus, according to the assessments of the credit Bureau, potential bankrupts in the country, there are about a million people. The largest number of insolvency cases last year were registered in Moscow and in the Moscow and Samara region. According to experts, bankruptcy could be more, if not for the complexity of the procedure.

At the end of 2019 the debt of citizens, declared bankruptcy, was over 225 billion rubles. These money lenders havewas given back only 8 billion, or 3.5 percent.

According to experts, the main reason for that often lies at the heart of bankruptcy is the wrong evaluation by citizens of their own financial capabilities.