Banned Boeing was developed by

“This plane was developed by clowns, which in turn is run by monkeys”. So he models 737МАХ was written by one of the employees of the American Corporation Boeing in discussion of problems of computer controlled aircraft. The company has published more than hundreds of pages of internal documents, including emails between employees. These documents are also sent to the committees of the house of representatives and Senate of the US Congress, is investigating two plane crashes of planes of this model and modification in Ethiopia and Indonesia, which claimed 346 lives.

Most of the documents from Boeing concerning the development and certification of simulators 737MAX in 2017 and 2018, reports “Interfax”.

Internal correspondence contains a totally unacceptable and “provocative statements”, he admitted to the press service of aircorporation. In some cases, it raises questions about the interaction of Boeing with the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA).

one of the messages for the year 2015, in particular, the Boeing employees discuss their relationships with the American aviation averagescore in the use of simulators for certain types of alerts in the cockpit. They emphasize that during the final negotiations with the FAA “will need support at the highest level.”

“would you put your family on a training simulator MAX? I wouldn’t do that,” said one employee of a Corporation to another.

“I would not,” answers his colleague.

Since March, 2019, all aircraft Boeing 737MAX chained to the ground – their operation throughout the world. Boeing has acknowledged that two disasters occurred after a failure of the system software MCA. She adjusts the angle of attack (lifting the nose of the aircraft) in flight. However, no training programme on flights to 737MAX or the flight manual was not told about the existence of the stabilization system, which worked in the background.

In may, us manufacturerü to discredit the aircraft said that he fully updated the software of systems of the aircraft. But then on the Boeing 737MAX was discovered a new problem that when processing data on-Board computer did not allow the pilots to quickly and easily solve the problem of the care of the stabilizer, not allowing the pilots to overcome itself in the case of pre-emergency situation.

the Crisis has cost the former Director General of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg his chair. In December of 2019, he resigned, although pre-put Golden parachute with $ 60 million. The situation is likely to be a headache for his successor, David Calhoun, who will begin work January 14, 2020.

of Tar in this barrel added two more events. Autumn on the Boeing 737NG was discovered micro-cracks in places of fastening of the wings to the fuselage. This model is the predecessor of the 737MAX.

in addition, many open questions leaves and the crash of January 8 Boeing 737-800 aircraft at the Tehran airport. The plane “Ukraine International airlines” on takeoff was engulfed in flames. Two minutes after takeoff, he fell down from a height of 2300 meters. 167 passengers and 9 crew members died in the explosion of the fuel.

And then to protect Boeing joined the “highest level”: U.S. President Donald trump said that technical problems could not be the cause of the crash of American-made aircraft in Iran.