Baptism in St. Petersburg: the font will be replaced by special platforms

the Orthodox holiday of the Epiphany in St. Petersburg this year, apparently, without the cost of traditional fonts. All due to the abnormally warm winter and, respectively, thin ice. About the dangers of entering this fragile ice cover is constantly told rescuers, reminiscent of TV “St.-Petersburg”.

But without the Jordan Orthodox Petersburgers will remain. For immersion in water and the sacrament of Baptism in different areas of the city will be specially equipped platforms. It is planned that in the Northern capital will be 30. The rescue team is actively preparing for the arrangement of the seats. First, inspect the bottom — to the dive was safe.

All information about the places where you can come in the Epiphany night will appear on the website of the government of St. Petersburg towards the end of this week. In addition to rescuers, 19 January at Jordan will be on duty medical doctors and police officers.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”