Barber in orbit: astronauts like boys

the cosmonauts could get a haircut aboard the station? This was told Samara member of the crew of the ISS, Oleg Kononenko. “Barber” was his colleague Alexey Ovchinin.

All the conditions to create beautiful hairstyles of the astronauts have. On Board there are no incredible devices for this. It turns out that the process of the haircut helps a special vacuum cleaner. His hose is put on the machine, then the hair doesn’t fly around the station, said Roscosmos.

Thanks to a small trick astronauts always go out for a session neat and well groomed. By the way, the crew of Oleg Kononenko will return to Earth in less than three weeks, according to GTRK “Samara”.

Text: GTRK “Samara”