Barber will not be clandestine: the suburbs opens the services

In Moscow on June 3 will open barbershops. According to Governor Andrei Vorobyov, the better to allow salons to work according to strict sanitary standards than involuntarily turn to the services of hairdressers in the underground business. What other changes are in store for area residents next week, the head of the Moscow region said in an interview with Yaroslav krasienko.

– Andrey, Hello! Thank you for taking the time to meet. Please tell us what is happening now in hospitals of Moscow region, reduced the flow of patients with coronavirus COVID-19.

“We are seeing a decline in detected cases. Yes, we are seeing a decline in occupied beds. But all this is happening very slowly. Therefore, we cautiously pleased. But rejoice — it’d definitely be a great folly,” warns Andrew Vorobev.

– Given that the situation stabiliziruemost, hospitals are to change the regime, whether to resume elective surgery?

“the Key areas is, first and foremost, cores, surgery, trauma. We carefully translate back into the mode of providing assistance. It also requires cost and time. The first phase of the launch is June 8th. Why? You need to pick, to return, to check that they are clean, you need to prepare the hospital in order to conform to all new standards and to begin scheduled operations. This heart, this surgery, and trauma, and other diseases”, lists the Governor of the Moscow region.

From June 8 hospitals the Moscow region to resume planned operations, including the departments of cardiovascular surgery, traumatology and Oncology. Free tests for antibodies to the coronavirus will conduct clinics in the Moscow region since June 15.

– Moscow on the eve announced the next phase of the removal of restrictions. You also signed the corresponding decree. That will open, on what conditions, what is possible, what not?

“We are opening food stores. We are now prepare to open barbershops. But then again, you can go to the barbershop, but the new standard — you should be in the mask, maybe you should be glass of a Barber, now these standards are developed, — says Andrey Vorobyev. — Wednesday we want to open hair salons. And then what happens? Go masters of houses, some already underground business develops. This is not the case.”

may 29-start to work stores, shops, companies providing consumer services, libraries and parks. From June 1 MPC, from June 3 hairdressing. Repeals the prohibition on visiting cemeteries.

– MFC and the cemetery also appear in the list of removal of restrictions?

“the cemeteries are no restrictions. But then again, any mass gathering of people is prohibited. IFC open Monday. June 1. There, everything is provided,” adds the Governor of the Moscow region.

– Walks in Moscow will be regulated, there are graphics for of the houses are made. In the Moscow region this will be?

“we can go walking, we have no such restrictions. This decision opened the parks: a walk in the Park, please, with your child or if you have a grandmother or grandfather, mom or dad of the older generation, enjoy yourself, but take care of yourself and them. Put the mask. Every precaution needs to be,” urges Andrei Vorobyov.

may 29 walks allowed with no restrictions, subject to the observance of a safe distance. In public places are required to wear masks and gloves.