Basketball coach Itoudis of CSKA: led confidently, but stopped for some reason

Greek specialist Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head, remained on the whole satisfied with the success of his team in the match with the Spanish “Basque country” within the continental Euroleague (94:90). However, the coach noted that the ending of this match, the red and blue oiled, barely missed the win.

“First of all, congratulations to the team, — quotes the official site Itoudis of CSKA. – Two wins on the week at this stage of the season is very important. As we expected, the opponents played traditionally motivated. Under their new coach, the team shows aggressive basketball. In the first quarter we were able to recoup and terminate it with the “+2”.

According to Itoudis, before the break, CSKA had many chances in the attack: “Because in the break we talked about the need to establish protection. And third quarter we spent at a high level. Our defense reminded the meeting with real Madrid. We are well crushed, clung to the balls, picked the right combination of the trusteeship rivals. Thus, of almost equal game we went to “+19″. Then stopped, and in fact, we do not have rights”.

“the word “stopped” I mean that we have lost the discipline, aggressiveness, chose bad shots, have come to rely on won the advantage. The opponent made a run, and although the real threat was not to lose, I did not like what I saw. In the last quarter we conceded 32 points, lost 13 points,” — said the expert.

“However, once again congratulations on the victory, we are strengthened in the area of the playoffs, are in place, which gives the home field advantage. While a long journey ahead, and the teams are very close. If you look at the first, second, third parts of the table, between them two-three-four victory”, said Itoudis.