(Paris) Porsche has launched a recall concerning several thousand electric Taycans, whose battery risks catching fire, the manufacturer confirmed Thursday.

A defect in the cells of certain batteries could cause a short circuit and cause a fire, a spokesperson for the brand told AFP.

The German brand first identified 858 units of the Taycan, its first electric model, and recalled them in January 2024.

After in-depth analyses, other vehicles that could potentially be affected are subject to a new recall.

2,936 of these sports sedans showed “abnormalities” in battery module settings, according to data collected by Porsche. They are called back to change certain modules, an operation which involves removing and opening the large 600 kilo battery, located under the car.

Another 4522 Taycans could not be analyzed and must therefore be taken back to the garage for verification.

Renault, Ford and GM had already carried out similar recalls for defective batteries.

The Taycan’s battery cells are supplied by Korean electronics giant LG, while the batteries are assembled in Germany before being installed under the car at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen factory.

Launched in 2019, the Taycan sold more than 40,000 units in 2023 (16.7% year-on-year). This first electric model is essential for the German brand which plans to sell 80% of electric cars in 2030.

The brand has just presented a new version of the Taycan and is gradually electrifying the rest of its range, from the small SUV Macan this year to the sporty 718 in 2025.

The Taycan also has the advantage of attracting a majority (60%) of new customers to the Porsche fold, according to the brand.