Battle history in favor of blacks in the United States continues the demolition of monuments

In the US continues the mass demolition of monuments to leaders, which can be a little to blame racism. The victim of this approach had already fallen a few monuments of Columbus and generals of the times of the Confederation.

Charged under 11 counts, including murder, inexhaustible people’s anger. A former police officer, Ralph Garrett, who shot and killed African-American in Atlanta, decided not to wait for him come machines with flashing lights or come furious dark-skinned, to make a citizen’s arrest. Authorities state he surrendered of his own accord. With no support left. Still, not everyone in the US believes that Rolf was wrong when he shot in a drunken Reichard Brooks, who resisted and vomited at the police Taser.

“currently, managed to collect for Garrett Rolf 250 thousand dollars in legal fees and court costs. I just got off the phone with Garrett and he was speechless from the support you are all giving him. Thanks for the help in restoring faith in humanity in these difficult times,” says the founder of a private security company of Georgia Greg James.

But the main line of conduct in the United States now — still going on about the protesters. While some companies clean black with labels of their products due to the fact that their image is considered racist, others promise to put African Americans in positions of leadership. Will this be assessed or qualified bid will go only to the skin color, is not specified.

“We have already promised that by the end of 2023, 50 percent of our staff will be minorities. And by that time we will try to double the number of blacks and Hispanics among employees. And over the next five years undertake 30 percent increase the proportion of blacks <...> in leadership positions,” says the Facebook Corporation.

in addition, Facebook promised to allocate this year 100 millionin dollars to support black artists. Make concessions and the city authorities together with museums and universities. In the US, everywhere clean monuments to historical figures, which little can be accused of racism. For a contribution to the history of the country not watching. In San Francisco dismantled the monument to Columbus, he was freed in Sacramento and St. Paul. In Richmond, in addition to Columbus, got rid of the President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis and General William Carter, preparing to demolish the monument to General Robert E. Lee. In New Orleans demolished the bust of the philanthropist John McDonough, who bequeathed his fortune to the development of schools in the city. And here in Washington monuments managed to defend Republicans blocked the bill the Democrats on the dismantling of monuments to confederates from the Capitol.

“I honestly think that my colleague is a Democrat, suggested the bill could make it even in 2000, when members of the house of representatives and Congress received the right to make proposals to dismantle the monuments of the Capitol. But they didn’t. So I oppose,” says the Senator, Missouri’s Roy blunt.

And Donald trump decided from the White house to recall that not all the news about racism is true. On Twitter he posted a video where a light-skinned child allegedly being chased by this little black. And then showed how it really is.