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Bayreuth player beaten – three suspects identified

After an argument with three footballers from the SpVgg Bayreuth regional league, the police identified three suspects. The apartments of the men aged 22, 25 and 28 were searched and evidence was secured, the police said on Tuesday. A fourth and still unknown participant is still being sought.

On April 18, SpVgg defeated Bayern Munich II 4-0 in the top game and thus took a decisive step towards promotion, which is now certain. During the victory celebration that followed, the three players clashed with a group of men in front of a downtown club around three in the morning.

Two of the players then had to be treated as outpatients in hospital, one was monitored as an inpatient as a precaution. The thugs initially escaped undetected. The police investigated because of dangerous bodily harm.

On Tuesday, the police said there was no evidence that the game against Bayern II played a role in the dispute. The fourth division team also emphasized in a message after the fact that the four men were apparently not supporters of FC Bayern.

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