According to the police, a local politician in Bayreuth was racially insulted and headbutted. It is the 49-year-old SPD city councilor Halil Tasdelen, as he himself and his brother, the state parliamentarian Arif Tasdelen, announced on Twitter. The police did not confirm the name of the attacked. However, she announced on Saturday that he had suffered injuries to his face.

The politician was insulted on Friday afternoon by an unknown man and a 39-year-old woman in a “xenophobic manner”. The man then attacked the politician and initially fled through a backyard.

The alleged perpetrator – a 35-year-old man from Bayreuth – was identified and arrested on Saturday night. According to the police, the 39-year-old woman is also known. However, she was initially unable to be heard. The Commissariat for State Security Offenses took over the investigation.

According to the brother of the person concerned, the injury was a double fracture of the nose, which had to be treated in the hospital. According to Arif Tasdelen, his brother was attacked near his home on his birthday. The headbutt was completely unexpected.

The member of parliament said he and his brother felt threatened. He hopes that the police will investigate the case consistently and also take a closer look at the environment.

Halil Tasdelen could not initially be reached on Saturday, but he told the “Nordbayerischer Kurier”: The worst thing was not the pain in the nose, but “the pain in the heart and in the soul” about the fact that “the Nazis are still there”. and “you are still not accepted in your home country”.

There were numerous statements of solidarity for Tasdelen on Twitter. SPD Chairwoman Saskia Esken wrote: “We stand by your side, we stand against you

The Bavarian SPD was shocked by the attack. The state executive condemned the attack “in the strongest terms and sees it as an attack on all of us”. The party stands “on the side of those affected by racism and right-wing extremist violence, today and every day”. Racism doesn’t just start with violence: “It starts in everyday life and we have to stand up to it.”