Bear's family came to videolook in Visimskiy reserve

In Visimskiy reserve the bear family was in videosource. Video bear and her three cubs, they were born last winter in size almost caught up with my mom. However, the move still with her, because only she knows what the forest path to choose and where to find treats, for example, invertebrates. This was reported by the GTRK “Ural” in the air “Russia 1”.

we will Remind, the day before the video hit a fight between two brown bears on the border with China. As a result of fight the bear broke his camera.

Also faced with a predator, and the inhabitants of Kuzbass. They saw an animal on the road to the village Barzas. The owner of the forest did not hurry to escape, seeing the people, he went up on his hind legs.

Text: STRC “Ural”