In Sochi Khostinsky area on the territory of private dovolani began to come bears. The beasts attacked the cells from rabbits and chicken coops, as well as overturned trash cans. In this regard, the residents of one of the SNT wrote a collective letter to specialists. As explained by scientists, the attacks do Caucasian brown bears. These predators are a danger not only to property, but also the people living there,

“state inspectors of Department of wildlife conservation promptly held a complex of measures to deter bears from garden plots,” — said the press service of the national Park.

As the chief of Department of protection of fauna Revaz Pruidze, gasmonitoring of wildlife in the Sochi national Park is ongoing. Special attention is paid to predators — jackals, wolves, raccoons and bears. Over the past few years their population increased significantly. Experts believe that the reason for this was effective anti-poaching.

“the Number of species of bears is increasing, in connection with these increases and the frequency of the output of animals to people. Now they can be seen not only in remote areas but also in Big Sochi. Usually the Caucasian brown bear aggression toward humans is not showing. They feed on plant food and small animals are also fond of fish. In localities bears come due to lack of fodder. In the summer and in early autumn, the hungry bears go to the garden plots, as it is in this period, Mature fruit trees, chestnut, oak and beech”, — noted in press service.

Administration of Sochi national Park reminds us that to minimize the probability of exit of brown bears on the apiary and gardens is recommended to prevent the formation of unauthorized dumps, as well as beschasnovon of livestock grazing on the adjacent national Park areas. It is reported by state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”, aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”