Beat the child with a stick and locked in a cold bath: on the young mother brought the case

In Tatarstan, the investigators opened a criminal case on the young mother, who tortured his eight month old son. The defendant pleaded guilty. She is currently waiting for psychological and psychiatric examination, after which she was charged.

According to the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Republic, 21-year-old resident of the village in Mendeleevsky district is regularly abused their child. It is proved that she repeatedly beat the toddler with a whip and locked in a cold room, including the bath. Care staff seized the boy from a family. He underwent a course of rehabilitation in the hospital, then he was sent to the house of the baby.

As reported STRC “Tatarstan”, aired by TV channel “Russia 1”, now militiamen establish all circumstances of the case. Soon the girl will face charges.

Text: GTRK “Tatarstan”