Became aware of the contents of the note, which Putin gave the veteran Rzhev

on Tuesday, June 30, Rzhev was held the opening ceremony of the memorial to Soviet soldiers. Many media outlets drew attention to the fact that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the event gave the veteran of the great Patriotic war Nicholas Black note. It became known that it was contained in the leaf.

a Pensioner was accompanied by a volunteer from Tver Ekaterina Labutina. It turned out that the girl wanted to get the autograph of Vladimir Putin. As the head of state for her to be failed, their request is passed through a veteran. The President could not refuse and gave Nicholas Black note, which contained the following words: “Ekaterina Stepanovna, with respect, Vladimir Putin”.

the veteran Himself is not embarrassed by the request of the volunteer. He told the girl that the President is the same person as all the reports “the Fifth channel”.

In the opening ceremony of the memorial in addition to Vladimir Putin attended his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. The TV channel “Russia 1” was able to capture exclusive footage of the meeting between the two leaders.