Became known about the status of volunteers vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sechenovskiy University

the head of the Center clinical study of drugs First Moscow state medical University Elena Smolyarchuk spoke about the state of health of volunteers who took part in the trial of a vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19 in Sechenovskiy University. The first group of volunteers were vaccinated three weeks ago, the second – two weeks ago, reminds RIA Novosti.

Smolyarchuk said that subjects identified a minor post-vaccination reactions similar to the reactions to any other vaccines. Is the redness at the injection site and sometimes fever, joint pain, headache, sore throat. This reaction was minimally expressed and did not last longer than a day, currently, all the volunteers feel good. Medical intervention was not required.

the Doctor added that the laboratory parameters of the subjects are also within the norm, fear not. 15 and 20 July in in good health volunteers will be written.

If the vaccine will show its effectiveness, it will apply both in Russia and abroad. The vaccine does not involve the introduction into the body of the virus neither in the living nor in inaktivirovannoj form. It was created by a biotechnological process, which means that during the vaccination the person is not ill.

in Parallel with Sechenovskiy University trials of a vaccine against coronavirus holds the defense together with made the drug, SIC name Gamalei. After two weeks of tests, the volunteers feel good.