Became known another complication COVID-19

an endocrinologist, candidate of medical Sciences, Pavlova Zuhra told about another complication coronavirus. According to her, many ill patients have chills regardless of the weather. They believe that sick again, and starting to take medication.

“Because the tests show a negative result, the absence of coronavirus in the body, the scientists came to the conclusion that we are talking about abuse in the Central nervous system, which suffers thermoregulation center,” — said Pavlov in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

this is because of the lack of information it is difficult to determine whether it is permanent or temporary violation. According to the doctor, you need to drink warm tea or water with currants and raspberries. But you can’t drink alcohol.

Earlier among the possible complications COVID-19 was called inflammation of the peritoneum, the risk of stroke. The virus also attacks the heart, brain, intestines and blood vessels. Children can Kawasaki syndrome. According to some, he can hit and adult patients.