Became known, from-for what Efremov was drunk on the day of the accident

Attorney Michael Ephraim Elman Pashayev revealed the reason for which the artist the day of the accident was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. In addition, the lawyer told, from whose submission was recorded a video apology.

France did not say where in the blood of Ephraim was drugs. According to him, he’s bound by a gag order and talk about everything as soon as the situation changes. Thus the lawyer has noticed that the news media, drug-related, were lies.

the Lawyer said that Mikhail Efremov drunk due to the fact that he’s dead loved one. However, he did not disclose details, but said that it was a friend of the artist, who died on the same day when the accident happened. “Michael was in mourning and depressed,” said Elman Pashayev. The lawyer explained that Efremov hasn’t had a drink in the bar, and went there for a meal.

About “penitential” video message lawyer told the “Moskovsky Komsomolets” that the movie is his initiative. Efremov didn’t even know that Pasha is going to publish it. The lawyer drew attention to the fact that the artist is so heartbroken, and reproaches himself that from the very beginning they have had a slight disorder. Efremov insists that he was put in jail. According to the lawyer, the actor has already tried three times to apologize publicly, but journalists every time cut this time.

Recall, a fatal crash near Smolensk square took place on 8 June. Efremov, being drunk on his jeep drove into the oncoming lane and collided with the car. As a result the driver of “Lada” Sergey Zakharov suffered serious injuries and later died.

Relatives of the deceased said that they will not receive monetary compensation from Ephraim. The lawyer of the family of the deceased said that information about the proposed amount of 100 million rubles are complete nonsense and absurd.