Became known to the key themes of the President's address to Parliament

the President signed a decree concerning the organization of his upcoming address to the Federal Assembly. Today the document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information. Joint meeting of the state Duma and the Federation Council will convene on 15 January in the Central exhibition hall “Manege”. He was also to invite representatives of other branches of government, members of state Council and heads of religious denominations.

As it became known, in the upcoming address to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin intends to pay special attention to the issue of raising incomes of Russians. About it the President himself told TASS. The head of state admitted that he was concerned about the stagnation in real incomes, and now he deals with overcoming this stagnation, alleviating poverty and reducing the number of people with income at the level of the minimum wage.

the Message to the Federal Assembly — the duty of the head of state prescribed in the Constitution. In it, the President annually designates the main directions of development of the country and puts the appropriate tasks for the government and Parliament.

In the previous message Vladimir Putin stressed that in the beginning of this year will bring the first results of the implementation of national projects. Moreover, conclusions about the quality and results of work of Executive authorities at all levels will be made based on the assessments of citizens.

the National project “Demography”. The results to see and appreciate the easiest.

In 2019, more than 270 thousand families began to receive a monthly payment in connection with the birth (adoption) of the first child the average size of payments amounted to 11.2 thousand rubles.

More than 92 thousand families now receive monthly payments for the third or subsequent child, and is on average 10 and a half thousand rubles.

Families, who, in 2019, was born the third or subsequent child have the opportunity to receive from the state of 450 thousand rubles for the repayment of the mortgage loan.

In the Root family has three children — Christina, Anna and Michael. Son is only 7 months, but as the next man, he had already solved the family housing problem. The family received a 3-year-old’s 450 thousand from the state and repaid a mortgage loan.

it was Necessary to collect a standard package of documents that we have three children that we have an apartment in the mortgage. Asked to your Bank: 20 minutes this all took, after 19 days, we all paid.

Inspired by this support, Korneva on our laurels decided not to stop.

– we Plan to expand to three children has become a bit crowded. Maybe this year, we have plans!

the family Karnevich from Tula — two sons and long-awaited daughter. Two rooms apartment took out a mortgage 4 years ago. Right before the New year received a payment in the first working day of January will make it in credit score. All quick and no red tape.

35 thousand families who had a second or subsequent child were able to improve their living conditions by taking advantage of preferential mortgage at 6 per cent for the entire loan term.

And overall mortgage rates declined from 10 percent in early 2019 — to 8.9 percent in the coming 2020. But it is in the framework of another national project — “Housing and the urban environment”.

Another sensitive and very important for people sphere of public Health. Primary healthcare has become the subject of attention of the President. What has been done in 2019?

the Modernization of primary care will begin from 1 July 2020. From already made – there are more than 350 new medical assistant’s and obstetric points (FAP) and outpatient clinics for residents of rural settlements.

the Inhabitants of a Small Skatovka in the Saratov region was waiting for a new FAP more than 10 years. Paramedic Olga Kolemagina previously saw patients in the old building of the club, without water and heating. Now — bright and spacious room, several classrooms.

In the Ulyanovsk region thanks to the national project appeared crouplargest in the world center of nuclear medicine, where a single site contains all the presently known methods for proton treatment of tumors. The complex of buildings located on the territory more than 100 thousand square meters. While patients from the same region, but from next year to help people with cancer in Dimitrovgrad will be provided free of charge under policy OMS.

Much has been made in education, science and the digital economy. But you should pay attention to, for example, the national project “Culture”.

the House of culture “the Necklace” 1953 year built, major repairs in it were never there. In the framework of the national project renovated from Foundation to roof.

the Children waited for parents too, and then, finally, we go into this beautiful room.

And yet — the national youth Symphony orchestra was created in the framework of the national project on the results of the national competition, which involved young people from almost all regions of the country. Young work with leading world-class experts and themselves become performers of international level. It is also a talent pool for the best orchestras in the country.