Became known why Boeing was delayed at the airport before the crash

the Aircraft “Ukraine International airlines”, which crashed on 8 January, before the catastrophe delayed departure for an hour due to overload.

according to RIA Novosti, about this world community informed the Fars news Agency, referring to the head of the Department for investigation of aircraft accidents civil aviation organization of Iran Hassan Rezaeifar.

According to him, the flight had many passengers with belongings and the aircraft commander decided to ask the airport staff to reduce the number of Luggage because of the General overload of the aircraft. This resulted in the delay of departure.

Rezaifar rejected the suggestion that the Boeing 737 has been delayed with takeoff due to technical problems. He reported that the flight data recorders will be opened on January 10 and if his country not be able to decrypt the black boxes, then ask for help from specialists of Russia, Canada, Ukraine and France.

the Head of civil aviation organization of Iran Ali Abedzadeh believes that the deciphering of the black boxes will take one to two months, and a full investigation will take from one to two years.

Early on the morning of January 8, 2020, the aircraft company “Ukraine International airlines” crashed few minutes after takeoff from Tehran. The plane crash killed 176 people, among them citizens of Afghanistan, great Britain, Germany, Iran, Canada, Ukraine and Sweden.

the US President Donald trump said on 9 January that, in his opinion, the Boeing 737 crashed not because of a technical fault. Newsweek magazine and several other us media, citing its sources reported that the plane was mistakenly shot down the Iranian air defense one or two anti-aircraft missiles. This opinion was shared by Prime Ministers of Canada and Britain’s Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson. Tehran rejects the version about rocket.