Because of a snowstorm in the Tomsk region abolished the movement of buses

on Friday In Tomsk region abolished the movement of buses on long-distance, inter-municipal and inter-regional routes due to heavy snowfall and blizzards.

By order of the STSI of the MIA of Russia in Tomsk region, the movement is suspended in the areas of Federal highway R-255 “Siberia”, as well as roads Tomsk – Kargala – Kolpashevo, Tomsk – Mariinsk, Kamaeva – Prokopevsk – Kolpashevo.

According to GTRK “Tomsk”, public transport will be restored after normalization of road conditions.

Earlier in the region have experienced a large amount of precipitation, wind gusts reached 15-20 meters per second, on the roads there were snow drifts. So, due to the severe weather conditions in the morning Krivosheinsky area there was a fatal accident — a head-on collision of cars, two people were killed.