Because of Iran against trump when he fought both Democrats and Republicans

the American Congress intends to limit the military power that Donald trump could use against Iran. As stated by the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, today, 9 December, will be voting on the relevant resolution.

According to Pelosi, the Democrats are opposed to armed conflict between Washington and Tehran. They are also concerned about the lack of strategy against Iran. But the President trump says that he has a clear plan. In particular, he promised to strengthen the already tough sanctions.

“We continue to consider the options in response to Iranian aggression, — quotes the American leader of the TV channel “Russia 24″. — The United States will immediately impose additional punitive economic sanctions against the Iranian regime. These powerful sanctions will be in force as long as Iran does not change its behavior. I repeat: Iran must abandon its nuclear ambitions”.

the Senators, including the Republicans are indignant about the decision by trump to kill the Iranian commander Soleimani. Senator Rand Paul was indignant with that the presidential administration was unable to explain why this was a military operation. Estimates of Sex, it has only led to the aggravation of the conflict in the middle East and made further diplomatic relations with Tehran much more difficult.