Because of the fire in Stavanger, Norway have closed the airport

In the South-West of Norway in Stavanger on Tuesday, January 7, suspended the air. This is due to a fire in the Parking garage, which is located near the city airport Sola.

According to local police, the fire destroyed many cars. To localize the fire is not yet possible. Because of the fire were also evacuated guests at Scandic hotel, which is located in the area.

Sola, the Representative stated that the airport is temporarily closed. It is reported TASS, referring to the Norwegian Telegraph Bureau. The cause of the fire is not explained. There is no information yet on casualties.

the operations Chief for extinguishing fire Victor Fenne-Jensen said that part of the building Parking lot collapsed, there’s also the possibility of a collapse of the entire building. The incident destroyed more than three hundred cars.

At the airport, canceled about twenty sorties, including several international flights. The Prime Minister of Norway Erna Sulberg was a hostage situation, because the day was in the region and are unable to fly back to Oslo because of a cancelled flight.