Beer, cider and brandy: - isolation effect on the alcoholic preferences of Russians

Most popular alcoholic beverage in the period of self-isolation for coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia, it was beer. In second place was the wine, followed by vodka, cider and cognac.

To such conclusion experts of company “Taxcom” analyzing fiscal data for the sale of alcohol from March to may 2020. Their volume amounted to more than 18 billion receipts.

According to analysts, overall sales of alcohol from March to may 2020 fell 17 percent compared to the same period of 2019, reports RT. Decreased sales of almost all categories of alcoholic beverages.

In particular, the decline in sales of champagne made up 33% tequila, 30 percent for vodka 26 percent. With the exception, however, was the cider, sales of which rose 3 percent.