Began a new phase of the operation to save the tundra from the effects of the incident in Norilsk

In the Krasnoyarsk Krai started a new stage in the operation to save the tundra from the effects of the oil spill in Norilsk. Struggling with an environmental disaster on two fronts — on the water and on land. Machinery works in the area of TPP-3 hours. Involved a total of about 150 units. This was reported by the GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

as part of operation topsoil will be removed and replaced with clean sand. On the coast of the river Barn is currently deployed to the camp rescuers. In the early days its population was increased to 500 people. In operation involved the staff of the Murmansk marine rescue team and the Siberian center of MOE. The oil slick immediately localized by means of floating barriers, after which they began to pump out of the skimmer. Questions about storage and disposal of the collected fuel to be addressed in the near future.

Every day, the rescuers were evacuated from the place of incident to five thousand cubic metres of water-fuel mixture. Last week rivers has completely removed the free-floating diesel. However, while water can not be called clean. On the surface there is a thin film. To remove it completely is quite difficult to set a sorbent booms.

All the collected oil is stored in sealed containers on the banks. Each cushion 250 cubic metres of diesel. Remove all this is possible only by winter road. However, not to wait for frost, the decision was made on the construction of a flexible pipeline to the disposal sites. Work must be completed before the onset of cold weather.

But with the collected soil will long work. Currently in the hangar is 136 thousand cubic meters of oiled earth. And this figure is not final. All costs of the liquidation of the company. Already spentabout at least 5 billion rubles. Another large amount will be required to upgrade protective structures at hazardous production facilities. The complex of measures to improve industrial safety company “Norilsk Nickel” will invest 2.5 billion roubles, and next year — about 11 billion. Additional funds will be directed on restoration of the ecosystem.

throughout this time the staff of the laboratory of Rosprirodnadzor carried out water analyses. If in the first days after the accident, the oil content in the reservoirs was exceeded in 80 thousand times, now rates the MPC dropped to 8 — 22.

it Should be noted, the incident in Norilsk also revealed a number of systemic problems. Government Commission approved the amendments to the law that increases the liability of companies in oil production and transportation and storage of petroleum products. They will be considered during the upcoming session of the state Duma.

The active phase of works on the site of emergency in Norilsk rescuers have already completed, but there are still a lot of business. Now the affected area is treated with sorbents. Already covered about 200 thousand square meters.

meanwhile, CHP-3 will begin a new heating season according to the schedule, assure the representatives of the organization. All repair work will be completed in the summer.

Text: GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”