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Began early voting on amendments to the Constitution

Began early voting on amendments to the Constitution

Yamal ahead of time proceeded to vote on amendments to the Constitution. Boxes put directly in the tents. In other subjects of the Russian Federation is preparing. It is necessary to consider regional features. For example, in Tatarstan the ballots are printed in two languages — Russian and Tatar.

Obligatory disinfection, masks and gloves: in remote areas of the Yamal Peninsula began early voting on amendments to the Constitution — according to all sanitary rules. Herder Sergei Hudi was one of the first in the country took part in the plebiscite. It is a manifestation of civic responsibility. “We should try ourselves, and not hope and wait,” he says.

for polling Places organized in tents. From camp to camp, all equipment and materials employees of election commissions carry with them. This time around the polar Urals are moved by helicopter to some of the citizens will be reached by boat or by land. “We leave by boat on the rivers, where fishermen. Do we still have human settlements on water transport by boat. And we have involved land transport – all-terrain vehicle,” says Anastasia Merkel.

the Majority of Russians will vote on amendments to the Constitution from 25 June to 1 July. The mechanism of “Mobile voter” allows you to come to the site not at the place of residence and by location. Requests for such participation have already filed about 250 thousand Russians, in fact, a student of Nikolai Gureev. He is now on session in Samara and before 1 July in his native Murmansk back in no time.

In most regions completed the printing of ballots, blanks made by special technology. “The ballot is made with a protective tanker and a green mesh which has been manufactured individually. Anywhere to make such a grid is impossible,” — explains the expert.

In Primorye forms already were sent to the territorial election Commission. In Discovery driven 120 thousand copies, the precious cargo was escorted by armed officers, the nerazvijenim monitoring system “GLONASS”.

the Acting head of the production Department of the special communication for the Primorsky Krai Elena Kravchenko said: “Yesterday, we came to Terney, Dalnegorsk, from the North. Plastun, Chuguevka — all these points are remote we delivered. Went on Saturday, we have a route of three days, yesterday just came back.”

Tatarstan ballots in two languages — Russian and Tatar. Printed about 3 million forms — by number of voters in the Republic. “We treat this with great trepidation, and we printed one day earlier and transferred to the special communication. They will ensure the absolute safety of the ballots,” — said the Chairman of the electoral Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan Andrey Kondratyev.

all questions about the voting process and about the nature of the amendments will be ready to meet the volunteers of the Constitution. Monday in those areas where it will allow the health situation, railway stations and shopping centres will be information stands. For example, in Tyumen will establish nine such points. Now the volunteers end their education. Head of the Centre for development of volunteerism in the city of Tyumen Alexander Akulin says, “We have to tell volunteers what they should be. To tell you how they should communicate with people that they have in razdatki how to find out where to vote”.

In the days of the voting volunteers of the Constitution will directly monitor the progress of the voting process. Many of the volunteers will be public observers.