Beijing new virus and zero level ill: an interview with Anna Popova

Russia has started a clinical study of a vaccine against COVID-19, was developed in the center of Gamaliel. In Moscow drug trials will be held at the Burdenko hospital and Sechenovskiy University. The first volunteers will be vaccinated on 18 June. When you can be vaccinated against the virus everyone? How many vaccines will hit the market? When the daily increase of cases will be minimal? About it in exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 1” said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

— Anna, Hello! Why the number of cases per day in Russia is not significantly reduced, and kept at around 7-8 thousand?

I can’t agree with you, it is reduced. And the question is significant or insignificant here, perhaps, secondary. Yesterday’s decline showed that it is already less than eight thousand significantly. The dynamics we see in almost all subjects, remains very little. More than ten actors who didn’t show such a serious dynamical downscaling as indeed all the rest.

— is there any information on how many asymptomatic carriers?

— speaking of asymptomatic, then Yes, we can see up to 60 percent on different days, and in General, the statistics show that about 50 percent actively identified carriers or people with asymptomatic form. This is very good for the country because this is our active detection.

— When the number of cases per day will be less than a thousand?

— I’d like to see the number of cases per day was generally equal to zero. This is the record to which we aspire. I hope in another month we will need to reach its lowest level. I want to say that different countries have their own weekly or daily level, for example, in the United States long enough period of time daily register about 20 thousand cases.

— what do you think on this the figure is influenced by the fact that people have EN masse on the street goes?

— I think, influences and impact, of course. With this amount of infectious material within the population, this could not remain without reaction of the virus and peprocess.

— There are reports that in Beijing the virus found in the market and that it is more contagious than the one that was found. You got some information? Preparing somehow?

— While in the scientific press anything about the situation there. But it is, in my opinion, not something exceptional. Obviously, the Chinese people see is not the virus that they had originally, in January and February and a slightly different version, with the tracks, so to speak, of its presence or distribution in Europe. I read somewhere that demonstrate to our Chinese colleagues. I think that more clarification will be later.

— whether Russian schoolchildren to count on 1 September, the CPS will be allowed to open schools without the risk they will be able to sit behind desks?

— We have prepared special recommendations on how to organize the educational process in the school, because, of course, need to learn, to cancel it. And, in General, today the situation is manageable. Quite a high proportion of certainty today is that in early September, our wonderful students will return to school and will be in full volume to enjoy the learning process.

— In what stage are the research of a vaccine against coronavirus? How many vaccines will go to trial in humans?

— Let’s hope that as much as are ready, i.e. those that are safe and effective. It two necessary defining properties of the vaccine, each new drug that allow you to move on to testing on humans. I’m sure within the next two nEdel we will see a few vaccines that will enter the stage of clinical studies in humans.

Thank you for the interview.