Belarus plans to buy from Russia more than a third of the required volumes of oil

Belarus will seek to buy from the Russian market 30-40 percent of the required volumes of oil. With the corresponding statement was made by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

the leader of the state noted that currently there is no full alternative supply of Russian raw materials. Lukashenko believes that 30 percent of his country to import from the Baltic sea, and 30 over Ukraine because it’s a proven method. Belarusian head said that, perhaps, Kazakhstan will be able to supply them with raw materials if Russia will agree with that. “Strange is our ally does not consent to the supply of oil from our other ally,” Lukashenko said, stressing that it has to be handled.

the Belarusian President has told that it is necessary in practice to see what all will result, as “brothers from the East are afraid that it will be very expensive.” Lukashenko stressed that the decision to buy whether American, Saudi, Norwegian — “no matter what kind of oil” at world prices, without excluding the Russian supplier.

Alexander Lukashenko said that an important issue for Belarus is the eventual sale of petroleum products from recycled materials because of the increase in export sales — a great resource.

Belarusian President noted that the economic environment in which they operate become more complex. According to Lukashenko, because of the introduction of the tax maneuver of Russia reduced the incomes of the Republican budget. The leader of the state stated that “in the world of the sea”, there are also CEOs, Vice-Prime Minister, who should resolve the issues, and otherwise unable to leave, BelTA reports.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has warned Belarusian participant of each oil issues of personal responsibility for all proposals, since “they did not invent space and new space vehicles”.

Earlier it was reported that Belarus bought 80 thousand tons of Norwegian oil supply will be carried out through Klaipeda on January 22.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov also said that the Belarusian side can buy oil at cheaper prices, if it has such offers.