Berlusconi: the results of the regional elections require a change of government in Italy

the results of the regional elections in Italy require a change of national government. This opinion was expressed by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

the Vote took place in two areas — the Northern Emilia-Romagna and southern Calabria. Moreover, the turnout was two times higher than reported in the elections 5 years ago, about 60 percent.

Yet, according to preliminary data, in the South, the victory will go to the representative of right-wing forces Jolie Santelli, but the North remains a member of the ruling Democratic party Stefano Bonaccini, albeit with a small margin from the right candidates.

In turn, Berlusconi is confident that these results indicate the weakness of the position of the left from the ruling coalition — the movement “Five stars”, and hence the necessity of changing the national government and its supporting parliamentary majority.