The internet has revolutionized many things regarding how we live our modern lives and nowhere is that more visible than in how we buy homes and apply for our loans. However, if you’re not using all of the tools available to you on the internet, you could be missing out on things that could get you larger loans, and in turn, a better home.

These are some of the best tools to find online and how they can benefit anyone applying for a home loan.

House Payment Calculators

It’s vital to know how much money you’re going to spend every month on your home: so don’t be shy about researching this! Take the time to look up a house payment calculator that’s capable of going over how much you make right now, how much you pay out every month, and what your future home’s price will be. This will help give you a clear image of how much you’re going to spend every month on your mortgage, so you can decide if this is feasible before you ever apply for a loan.

Income to Debt Ratio Calculators

Your income to debt ratio is something that all lenders will consider. This heavily affects how much you’ll be able to pay them back every month, and they want to make sure that you have at least a third of your income free to spend on your home payment. To get a preview of what they’re looking at, consider researching an income to debt ratio calculator to find what your ratio is.

Credit Score Report Sites

Credit score reporting sites are generally free and allow you to go over your scores so that you can figure out if your score is at a place that will enable you to buy a home or if you’d be better off renting for a couple more years until you can build up your score.


The best thing about keeping tabs on a credit score reporting site is that you’ll immediately know about changes so that you can update your information, dispute accounts, or keep an eye on changes as they happen to encourage you to keep working on your credit score.

Credit Change Calculators

Certain things you do will change your credit, like applying for a loan, getting a new credit card, leasing a car, or even closing an account. Because of this, it’s important that before you make any changes, you make sure they won’t negatively impact your credit right before you apply for a loan. Unfortunately, many people forget that credit scores change as frequently as they do and end up ruining their credit score precisely before they would have made a major purchase. Use a credit change calculator to figure out how some changes will or won’t change your credit scores.

Being Prepared Can Help You In the Long Term

Your home needs to be everything you want from it: so make sure that you use all of the tools possible so that you’re not left wanting more. Try some of these tools, and get the best loan possible.