Biathlon. The Russians finished in seventh place in the relay at the world Cup in Oberhof

In Oberhof at the fourth stage of the biathlon world Cup hosted the women’s relay race four, six kilometers. Excelled in the race of the Norwegian athletes.

Norway Sunniva Solemdal, Ingrid landmark Tandrevold, March Raceland, Tiril Eckhoff overcame the distance in 1 hour 14 minutes, 11.6 seconds. Second place went to Swede Elvira Oberg, Lynn Persson, Mona Brorsson and Hanna öberg (+21.1), and locked the three leaders of the French Julia Simon, anais Bescond, Celia Amonia and Justine Breza (+33,1).

Russian women Kristina Reztsova, Anastasia Porshnev, Svetlana Mironov and Larisa Kuklina were the seventh, falling behind the leader over 2 minutes, 20.7 seconds. Ukrainka is located on the sixth line, and the girls on the eighth.