Biden criticized trump for his decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies

Former Vice-President of the United States, the current democratic candidate for the presidency, Joe Biden commented on Washington’s intention to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. He believes that the “shortsighted” decision of the administration of the current American leader will lead to the escalation of tensions between the West and Russia.

Joe Biden drew attention to the fact that US allies are in favor of further involvement of Washington in the Treaty on open skies. Presidential candidate believes that working to solve problems together. Biden said that without the United States, the Treaty could fall apart, but out of it will increase the danger of miscalculation and conflict, reports TASS.

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs said that Moscow is not going to consider the ultimatum of Washington. The Department believes that it is important for US to bring charges against Moscow in order to conceal their destructive actions.

the fact that America intends to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies, it became known on may 21. Donald trump explained it by the fact that Russia allegedly does not comply with the terms of the agreement.