Bill gates visited the

American entrepreneur, one of the founders of Microsoft bill gates has experienced himself in the role of secret Santa and happy with one person. The businessman is not stingy on gifts and sent the stranger 37 pounds of gifts.

Lucky 33-year-old resident of Shelby Michigan. It 95 times participated in RedditGifts exchanges of gifts and this time she won a real jackpot. According to the woman, she had always dreamed that her “secret Santa” was billionaire bill gates.

the Entrepreneur and his team are always responsibly approach to the choice of gifts, and this is not the first time they participate in such actions. Bill gates thanks the social network examined in detail the interests of Shelby, which helped him to pick up useful gift. Among them, several LEGO sets, a lot of Souvenirs on the theme of “twin Peaks”, a handwritten copy of the book “the Great Gatsby”, mint chocolates, cookies. Besides, the businessman has not bypassed and cat Shelby, giving him toys and treats.

that bill gates has not stopped and donated to the Fund, “American heart Association” funds, explaining that they did this act in honor of the mother of a resident of Michigan, who died earlier this year.

the package from the Microsoft founder was so huge that not even fit in the car, according to MarketWatch.

“Secret Santa” is a Christmas ceremony anonymous gift exchange. Such traditions resort in Russia and abroad.