Biologists stopped the threat of breast cancer

Scientists have learned how to fight the spread of one of the most dangerous types of breast cancer, against which no conventional therapy. Doctors determined the synthesis of some proteins in the cancer cells need to suppress that the tumor does not give metastases.

Achievement is described in a scientific paper published in the journal Oncogene by a team headed by Paul shore (Paul Shore) from the University of Manchester.

About 15% of all breast cancers – so-called triple-negative cancer (triple-negative breast cancer). It is so called because the tumor cells do not produce any of the three proteins that serve as targets for the hormonal therapy. You might guess that it makes the disease resistant to a powerful method of treatment. Yes, and to other types of therapy, the disease is fairly stable.

in Addition, this type of disease is aggressive: it’s more likely that metastasizes, and the tumors reappear after treatment more often than other types of breast cancer.

as a result, In the UK alone this insidious disease are diagnosed each year about eight thousand women.

Now scientists have found which the proteins of the tumor could be targeted with new drugs. We are talking about the two ports: RUNX2 and CBF.

to discover them, biologists have edited the DNA of cancer cells using the CRISPR procedure. Removing the genes responsible for the synthesis of a protein, they actually stopped production. The tests were conducted “in vitro” on cell cultures.

So it became clear that the suppression of the synthesis of RUNX2 or CBF prevents the tumors to give metastases in the adjacent bone tissue. Especially strong impact on tumor development causes a lack of CBF. Meanwhile, when the researchers “manual” return protein in tumor dissemination has resumed.

So, if scientists can make a cure, the vast synthesis of some of these proteins, it can be used to combat the spread of triple negative breast cancer. Oneto note that these same proteins are present in healthy cells. Therefore, medication is required in some way to target only cancer.

it is also Important to note that this type of cancer is in turn divided into several subtypes. Now the researchers intend to test their findings on at least several of them.

“This discovery is a milestone in understanding the spread of metastatic cancer. But, of course, he has a long way to go before it turns into effective treatments,” sums up the shore.

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Text: To.Science