Black and blue: an inexperienced doctor dosed the patient with filler artery instead of the lips

the 22-year-old beauty blogger Cassidy Valentine from England was the victim of an inexperienced doctor. The girl went to a specialist to augment the lips, but instead risked losing them altogether.

according to The Sun, to the girl in April 2019 asked the representatives of the local clinics. They asked her to advertise their services. As payment blogersha suggested “pump” lips. First Valentine refused because he did not want to show the public the complexes about their appearance. Later, the British finally agreed to the proposal of the representatives of the clinic.

the Procedure to increase the lips it took only ten minutes. Valentine certainly has aroused suspicion that it went so fast. The doctor, in turn, convinced her that this is normal.

Almost as soon as she left the clinic, her lips began to swell, and then completely blue. The British decided to ask for help, but to other professionals. The doctors said that an inexperienced beautician pumped fillers into her artery. Such actions could lead to the fact that the lips could do to amputate.

Specialists have entered the victim a special substance that breaks down hyaluronic acid. Soon Cassidy Valentine on the mend. After the incident, the British launched a campaign, which calls on authorities to ban such operations for persons under 18 years of age.

Earlier in Russia there is a new trend in the beauty industry — the lips are an unusual shape, which is also called the “lips of the devil.”