Black Blizzard and other vagaries of the weather: what is happening in Russia

Norilsk remains at the mercy of the weather. The wind — up to 27 meters per second. He knocks pedestrians down. Such a storm the locals call a “black Blizzard.” The city has a storm warning mode. Delayed flights, closed by the movement of a 100-kilometre stretch of road leading to the airport. Drivers who are unable to reach home placed in the city Center of culture. The snowfall has affected the work of the capital airports. Due to icy conditions in Moscow and the Moscow region announced a “yellow” level of risk. And yet, in Central Russia, the snow is greeted with joy.

Almost forty morning flights — delays. The snow did affect the work of the capital airports, though not paralyzed flights completely. However, by noon, the runway and the apron was clean, the display of departures — no change.

But on the roads in the neighboring areas of Moscow it was worse. Tula oblast is. Here a few crashes — faced machines, off the road.

In Orel — three dead. And seven people were injured. A minibus and car crashed into each other. On a snowy road one of the drivers kept the car when she went into a skid.

On city roads in the Central part of the country brought almost the entire fleet of snowplows. Cope not everywhere yet, although it is clear: I try.

In Moscow traffic jams from the vagaries of the weather there. And machines a little off — and snow. For the Moscow public utilities this snow — absolutely normal, nothing extraordinary. However working all day. Or see what the snow has fallen quite a lot and it was time to clean up, or produce machines in line with a certain periodicity. Cleaned the snow then took to the smelters.

in General, many of this snow was waiting. And even got upset when he fell out on new year’s eve. So today in the parks and cross-country skiers and winter cyclists, walkers and families. Beautiful! And the sune Moscow hills instantly turned into a hill for skiing.

More emotions, of course, those who see the snow for the first time. Some timidly freeze. Others can not restrain delight, the home is not neglected. Hard to help parents or finally make snowmen, while they have the chance. Long.

“Another section of the front will bring warm air masses, and at the end of the day Sunday temperatures will rise to the zero mark and exceed it,” — said Roman Vilfand, acting Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia.

weather Forecasters promise temperature fluctuations, and even records the following week. Day — thaw, the night frosts. This means that there will be sleet. If there are no plans to ride across the ice on the sidewalks and roads are advised to be careful.