If a new federal government were to be elected in Germany next Sunday, the Union would now clearly be the strongest force ahead of the SPD. According to a current election poll by the market research company Ipsos, 27 percent of eligible voters would choose the CDU/CSU. The Union thus gains two percentage points again compared to the previous month. The SPD, on the other hand, falls by one percentage point to 23 percent of the vote.

The Greens are also the winners of the current election poll. The ruling party improved by three percentage points to 19 percent. Black-green is also gaining momentum at the federal level. After the state elections, a black-green coalition is in the offing in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as in Schleswig-Holstein.

The traffic light coalition partner FDP loses two percentage points at Ipsos and only gets nine percent of the vote. Compared to the previous election poll, the AfD also lost one percentage point and achieved 10 percent.

According to the current survey, the Left Party would not even make it into the Bundestag with four percent. Compared to the last survey, the party loses one percentage point.