astronomers have observed in the center of the milky way for the first time matter close to the so-called point of no return – the point at which a black hole is matter with its immense mass of permanently inside. The Team of international scientists observed gas compression lines, the turf, with 30 percent of the speed of light around the Black hole.


Black holes are objects whose gigantic is difficult to escape the force of the light. Matter, the Black hole will be pulled over the so-called event horizon. Of the Black hole and the closest point to the orbit of the Material, is referred to as the innermost stable Orbit. There, the observed gas compression seals, such as the European southern Observatory (ESO) on Wednesday.

researchers values of the observation as a further confirmation of the long suspected existence of a supermassive Black hole at the center of our galaxy. This gravitational monster is 26.000 light years from earth and has a mass that is four million Times as large as that of the sun.


For its in the journal “Astronomy & Astrophysics” published studies, the international team of scientists used the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of ESO in Chile. The Instrument “Gravity” combines the light of the four VLT telescopes into a virtual super-telescope with a diameter of 130 meters.

“It’s overwhelming to actually be a witness as Material to a supermassive black hole runs with 30 percent of the speed of light around,” said scientists Oliver Pfuhl, Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial physics (MPE) in Garching near Munich. 30 percent of the speed of light correspond to about 90,000 kilometres per second.


at the beginning of this year Gravity” and another of the VLT allows for “Instrument name “Symphonic” it’s the same team of researchers to survey the pass of the star S2, by the extreme gravitational field of the Black hole in the milky way centre. For the first Time demonstrated the impact that Albert Einstein with his General theory of relativity in such an extreme environment had predicted.

at the same time, the scientists recorded a strong infrared radiation. “During our observations, we had the good fortune to notice three bright eruptions around the Black hole – it was a happy coincidence,” said lake to the new observations.

The study leader Reinhard Genzel from MPE said: “This has always been one of our dream projects, but we dared not to hope, that it would be so soon realized.” The result of the research was “compelling confirmation of the doctrine”, that the huge object in the milky way center is a massive black hole.