If you shake it up and look at America with fresh eyes, it becomes clear that the country gradually enters into the mode of “color” revolution. The Democrats, who were especially active in spreading “color revolutions” around the world, now, I do not know how spontaneous, and how consciously, but still came to the conclusion that the authorities in his own country it is necessary to change technology of “color revolutions”. Which is knocked from the pedestal. What’s the difference, Lenin in Ukraine or Lincoln in America, “cleansing” of the past and a new view of history, when everything is bad, destroying in the minds of the value of the state. When in society there is a group of the aggressive minority, ready to smash and burn everything from monuments and shops to police stations and newspaper offices. When the same aggressive minority deals with law enforcement officers, and in the society is artificially created atmosphere of exaltation and worship anarchy.

At the same time in the mass consciousness justifies the actions, which at other times no one would come. For example, now at the initiative of leading U.S. media Agency The Associated Press, the New York Times, TV channel CNN, the word “black” began to write with a capital letter, and the word “white” in the same context, left with little. A new grammatical rule. Changes in language norms — a sign of the revolution. So it was during the great French revolution, in the course of the great October in Russia during the revolutionary Maidan in Ukraine, now in America.

Recently “News of the week” talked about the fact that it is impossible to enter the American streets with the slogan “All lives matter”, while the slogan “Black lives matter” eyesore everywhere. As the water looked. Was a daredevil, that this experiment was conducted on yourself.

This is a well-known political commentator, YouTuber, Prancer and social experimenter Joey Saldibut. He puts another social experiment. For a start, in his hands — poster “Black lives matter.” Joey is not just standing in the pickets, and quite unceremoniously clings to passers-by, whether black life value. Black answers: Yes, of course. White most of them don’t know how representative this is — I say that all lives matter. Or “have a value all life, why is it only black.” A white acting aggressive, and Joey Saladino no risk. This continues for as long as social experimenter decides to write on the poster: “All lives matter.” It would seem, what here bad? Why divide society into antagonistic groups, where some lives have value, and someone — no? Why oppose? Joey Saladino, I must say, decent biceps, tattooed it is not quite a juvenile, but even this does not stop black people, who repeatedly don’t like that all lives do matter, not just black. They do not understand that “all” means black. The equation they see a threat and are willing to behave aggressively, immediately letting his fists.

Risky. But this private risk Joey Saladino incomparably small with a total risk of his life. The guy lost his job and now forced to collect donations on your website. “The radical left has deprived me of income. Because of them I was forced recently to lose a position in a company where I was earning a living. Year after year I refuse a lot of companies and a lot of sponsors because of hatred of the leftists. And yet, I choose my path, because we need to save our great country,” said Joey.

But about whether the blacks in question? Just no. Just a little education among African Americans than among whites — a fact — and undereducated are easier to manipulate. Not all blacks agree to play a destructive role. Here’s a popular rapper, actR and producer Lord Jamar: “I do not support the Black Lives Matter movement. Absolutely do not support. Because it’s not our movement. Because it is the movement which we imposed on George Soros and his people. Because they saw how the situation develops, and they didn’t want to go back 60 years when we had an organized movement, and when for them it has become a huge problem. They decided: let’s give the people movement that we can control, we are to give them leaders and the rest. That’s what the movement Black Lives Matter”.

I don’t know how it Soros there is the most important, although, of course, in the game, but the thing that says a black rapper: it is not the movement.

And it’s hard to imagine how the entire history of the United States will develop further. For now, American society is clearly a significant and aggressive group which believes that equality is not a value, as well as public order. Yes, it is a minority. But if, for example, only 1% of drivers in any country of the world decides is sure to be driving in the opposite lane, it is terrible to imagine what will be the result.

Text: “News of the week”