Blagoveshchensk - contender for the title of

on the day of voting on amendments to the Constitution, the Russians will take the decision on conferring the title of “City of labor valor”. Today — the history of Blagoveshchensk, where during the war they made uniforms and created the armor for the ships.

because Of the dangerous proximity of Japanese troops and factories from the Western regions to Blagoveshchensk not evacuated. But local peace production in a matter of months, switched to military production.

“Amur metalworker” produced mines, grenades, and shells; factory sewing military uniforms. The match factory has mastered the production of anti-tank incendiary devices. Shipyard — various parts and components to enhance bronepoezd ships and barges of the Amur flotilla,” — said the candidate of historical Sciences Elena Pastukhova.

Shipbuilding — one of the specifications industry in Blagoveshchensk in the war. The aggressiveness of Japan demanded in every sense of mobilization on the border.

“… there were repair and strengthened decks to carry tanks,” — says Gennady Nesterov, the collector of cases of metal vessels Annunciation shipyard.

Until 1943 highly qualified specialists enough, but when experienced workers were sent to the front, and especially when there is a real threat of Japanese invasion, all worked — and women and children, carrying out and exceeding the plan.

“By 1945, the plant was transferred to the military situation — the war began with Japan. In fact, the workers were confined to barracks” — said Valery Silkin, a specialist in public relations of the Annunciation shipyard.

People worked 12, 14 and 16 hours a day. There were altogether selfless feats: for example, working shipyard Mamaev never left the shop for 27 hours until he complied with an urgent defense task.

the Extraction of gold, molybdenum, coal, logging, development of transportand, harvesting food, collecting money — priamary collected almost 60 million rubles, which was built by the squadron, the flight of bombers, a column of tanks, a warship.

this is a feat that forever inscribed in the history of the country.