Blame Markle: continuation of the scandal in Britain

After a scandal erupted on the eve of the British Royal family, the wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle picked up and flew to Canada. A pretext was found in advance in Vancouver she left eight-month-old son Archie. Now the Queen will have to deal only Harry. But the British media reports that Elizabeth has changed the temper justice with mercy and even requested the government for next week to develop a procedure for the redistribution of Royal duties.

without waiting for the completion of the scandal, Meghan Markle flew to Canada, where, as it turned out, now in the care of her closest friend is her eight-month-old son Archie. Harry remained in England alone. Next week he will have a serious conversation in Buckingham Palace, which is now trying to find a way out of the crisis. Friend Harry, journalist Tom Bradby, who directed a documentary about his recent trip to Africa, argues that the decision of the Prince was not a big surprise for the Royal family — a topic discussed in advance.

“Not to say that the Royal family was stunned by this news. To Megan and Harry was told that the way of life in the Palace will change, and that, in the first place will affect them,” said Tom Bradby.

the British tabloids, citing sources at the court, saying that the Queen asked the grandson to prematurely dirty linen in public does not make. Allegedly, she even broke my own rule not to call anyone and in November last year scored Harry on the phone, insisting that he, along with Megan arrived on Christmas at her Sandringham estate. Instead of going to grandma Harry and Megan went on Christmas vacation to Canada, where he spent eighteen months in a luxury Villa, which is called Thousand flowers and belongs to it, again according to rumors, a mysterious Russian millionaire, whose name British journalists to learn and failed. Of course, blame Megan, who was shot down right in love with her Harry.

"I talked with many people over the past weeks and asked them who’s fault that everything goes well. And all answered me — it’s Meghan,” — said the photographer of the newspaper the Sun, Arthur Edwards.

the reporters got to her half-sister Samantha. She claims that Megan never cared about the interests of the family.

“It’s a slap in the face! If Megan wanted to be alone with Harry and not to replicate his life in the media, she would not go to Wimbledon to support her friend Serena Williams” — said Samantha Markle.

the story dragged even the American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, who allegedly tossed the Duchess of Sussex idea to leave England.

the Guardian is seriously studying the question of whether Harry to become an American citizen and comes to the conclusion that it will be difficult, because the President of the United States Donald trump this procedure tightened.

Bucking the trend, warning in advance the administration of Madame Tussauds, pushing the figures of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the direction of the total exposure of the Royal family. Involved in the process the audience requires Harry and Megan immediately terminate funding. In the Daily Mail estimated that last year alone in the wardrobe of the potential unemployed Megan was orders worth almost a million pounds.

Harry’s Mother, Princess Diana, was stripped of his title after her divorce from crown Prince Charles. Anonymous sources at the court say that Harry and Megan this should not happen. In any case, here are waiting for an official statement on behalf of the Queen.

in Fairness, the reasons for joy the Queen not recently. Did not have time even for a time to abate the scandal around her middle son, Andrew, who is suspected of being a child molester, now out of the nest trying to escape favorite grandson Harry, not allowing to create at least the appearance of balance and tranquility in the Royal family.