Blazing man fell from the roof at the woman in the center of St. Petersburg

In the Central district of St. Petersburg the burning man fell from the roof a woman on the sidewalk. A surveillance camera recorded the incident.

the events Described happened about five o’clock in the evening of January 2 near an abandoned house on upland street.

“Burn, well! Incinerate, you bastards!” — heard on the recording the man’s voice. After a moment, he flared like a torch, and fell down.

Landed right on burning the woman who accompanied her daughter carried the cat in her arms. She fell to the ground and temporarily lost consciousness. Serious injuries, except bruises on the leg, she did not receive, but to doctors, the victim filed only after he found a frightened pet.

Firefighters were called to the place the witnesses of the tragedy, at the time of their arrival the man was dead. To identify him have not yet succeeded. According to the preliminary version, he committed arson, but pedestrians in doubt, as on the roof of a three storey house there were other people.