In a video, climate activist Luisa Neubauer caused a stir with a joke. “We are planning to blow up a pipeline,” said Neubauer in English, laughing. The Instagram video was made in Denmark, where the “Copenhagen Democracy Summit” is currently taking place. The “image” reported first.

In the video, Neubauer spoke out against the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), which is to run between Uganda and Tanzania from 2025. According to politicians, it could reduce poverty in both countries and should cost ten billion dollars. At 1400 kilometers it would be the longest crude oil pipe in the world. It was commissioned by the French oil company Total Energies.

The 26-year-old Neubauer pointed out on Twitter that her wording was also the title of a book. This is How to Blow Up a Pipeline by Swedish author and climate researcher Andreas Malm. He is considered a pioneer of the radical climate movement.

When asked by “Bild”, Neubauer commented on the pipeline project, but not on her own statement: “The EACOP project alone would produce almost half a gigatonne of CO2. That is why we have been working for months with activists from the region, i.e. Uganda and Tanzania, and also with many people from France against the pipeline that the French company Total wants to build.”

The “climate killer pipeline” should not be built. “Almost all German insurers and banks – except for Deutsche Bank – have already refused to support the project – because it is so harmful. (…) The construction of the EACOP pipeline must be called off.”

After the joking plans of Neubauer, Beatrix von Storch, deputy federal spokeswoman for the AfD, also spoke up. She has filed a criminal complaint against the climate activist, it is about the threat of explosive attacks. According to Storch, the climate sect is becoming increasingly radical, as climate extremist Andreas Malm recently demonstrated with his call for violence in Der Spiegel.

“There is a threat of climate terrorism, a green RAF. The public prosecutor’s office and the BfV must no longer look on and act: No tolerance for violence and threats of violence from professional youths who have been neglected by their wealth and who are preparing for their entry into eco-terrorism,” explained Storch.